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Lake rose and faced Master Mejia. "Master Mejia,” she started, “I may be out of line saying this as I’m still only a Padawan, but you would be better putting your faith in your battle skills than in your visions. Visions of the future are unreliable. You, as one who has passed your trials,” she added emphatically, “should know this.”

She looked around the room, her eyes locking onto Castov, before continuing. “Master Jesp is right. We must concentrate on the here and now. All of us in this room have defied the will of the Jedi Council by joining Revan, and every one has sacrificed something to be here. We cannot dwell on what is to come, nor dwell on what has passed. We cannot wonder if the Council will take us back, or whether or not we are doing the right thing, or what’s in a name, or if the events seen in visions will come to pass. We must deal with the here and now. And right now….” She looked around the room. “…all I see are Jedi torn. And we need to be Jedi united if we want to win.” She paused. “If Corellia falls, Coruscant and the rest of the Core worlds will too, and the Republic is doomed.” Her eyes narrowed with determination. “We need to win. Here and now.”

She turned to Master Mejia. “So, no more talk of any visions or doubts. The Admiral will be briefing us soon on what is to come.” With that, she turned and started to head out of the room. “Castov, I’m going to check to see where Mike is, erm... I mean, Master Sapien,” she said over her shoulder. “His shuttle should have landed by now.”

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