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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Your position can FAIRLY be summed up as "given the opportunity, peaceful activism WILL work (apparently no matter what the case) b/c it has worked in the past."
Actually, (and Al can correct me if I'm wrong) I believe the position was it has worked in the past, therefore it is worth at least giving it a chance to happen in the present, instead of simply assuming that it cannot work.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
To be honest, al, your arguments about whether SH could have been removed peacefully rest on "what ifs", so you can assert anything you want, but that won't make it true.
Isn't that exactly the point? Of course it's "what ifs", we never tried it, so we obviously cannot make concrete statements on the results. Merely point out that we never even tried, though it is the more moral path to take.

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