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"Why do you Jedi Insist upon fighting immediately, I fought this young Bothan here due to certain past allegiances, I have no quarrel with you... Also, my comment on the higher purpose refers to how I need see this step through, believe me when I say that you do too... more than that I cannot say but you might wish to interrogate Uie'Sha, he of all those who are arrogant like himself understands purpose as a whole over the higher purpose." she stated in an-almost contradictory manner, as though she was used to making others beg for answers. With that she turned to see if anything could be done about the obliterated security panel.

Asa stopped for a moment, without looking back she added, "and I am amused that you immediately align me to the Sith, my ties couldn't be any further from that, I assure you..."

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