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Proposal: Decrease attack of rebel ships

Reasoning: As of now the most, if not all, rebel ships are more than a match, on a one on one face off, for their imperial counterparts and any fighters that the empire throws out are destroyed by corellian cruisers before they are of any use.

Perceived Imbalance: The rebellion is too much of a match for the empire. reducing their ships' attack will force the rebellion to use tactics that fit the description of a rebellion, such as guerrilla hit and run.

Proposal: Im not sure if this is a glitch or not but when I am trying to retreat the enemy units move twice as fast with double the damage. This should be fix.

Reasoning: It makes retreating almost impossible to do since the enemy can quickly disable all the engines of my capital ships with in the 11 seconds it takes to retreat when it normally would take longer.

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