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Closing the Gates

I've closed the gates at Kvatch and Cheydinal(sp).
In those two missions, the path to the tower was clear and all I had to do was to fight my way to the top and remove the stone to eliminate that particular gate.

Not too terribly hard. I'd always mill around for a while first to pick up any interesting Daedric gear.

But in the gates that just pop up out of nowhere, it seems different.
Maybe it's just me, but I can never get to the tower. There's this huge door in the way and when I try to open, it tells me that it's operated from somewhere else.

I can never find where.

What's the secret to quickly taking these things down once I discover them?
I know it's gotta be something simple that I'm misssing.

on another note...

Does anyone remember the mission where you find this town where everyone's invisible? Too cool. I was rummaging around in an Inn and was startled when I was busted snooping. Anyway I followed directions, found the old spellmaker's hideout and even found his journal.
The green arrow tells me he's right infront of me, but he won't engage with me.

What's up, is he scared of me? Do I have to make some kind of offering or something? Is there a spell that'll allow me to see him?
I donno, it's got me stumped. Perhaps something in the future will allow me to finish that one.

No biggie, I've got alot of unfinished business.
Speaking of...

What's up with Thoronir, anyone remember him?
He's the merchant in the Imperial city that deals in stolen goods or something. I'm suppose to shadow the guy and find out what he does.

When I do, he just wanders around all night until early morning. Then he goes to meet a fellow out behind his shop and they just stand there for hours. They don't say anything or move, except to look around nervously. Then, they'll abrupty part and he goes back to his shop. Whenever I confront them, they are rude and dissmissing. Whenever I just spy, nothing happens. What gives?

This game is so absorbing. I'm constantly thinking of what I'm gonna do with my character next when I get home and fire up the Box. I actually had to force myself to take a break from it and play some other games for a while.

A few games of Baseball and some Forza Motorsports2 races, then I kicked my brother out of the house and went right back in to Cyrodiil and my beautiful black horse.

Maybe one of the mages guilds has a reduce addiction spell for me.


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