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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
But in the gates that just pop up out of nowhere, it seems different.
Maybe it's just me, but I can never get to the tower. There's this huge door in the way and when I try to open, it tells me that it's operated from somewhere else. What's the secret to quickly taking these things down once I discover them?
Depends on what area you are in, there is a handful of area designs for gate tower islands in Dagon's realm that are repeated randomly. Usually when the path is blocked and you seemingly have nowhere to go you'll have to find some cave entrance somewhere in the surrounding area. They usually contain tunnels that either will lead you out somewhere else in the area, or sometimes into the auxiliary structures around the main tower.

The switches to open the big metal gates are usually found at the top of the smaller towers with a spiral staircase/ramp leading up with a corpse masher elevator at the bottom. Some of those towers have switches that will extend retractable bridges as well.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
Does anyone remember the mission where you find this town where everyone's invisible? Too cool. I was rummaging around in an Inn and was startled when I was busted snooping. Anyway I followed directions, found the old spellmaker's hideout and even found his journal.
The green arrow tells me he's right infront of me, but he won't engage with me.
If you have any Detect Life spells you can use those. It will produce a glow around invisible creatures allowing you to see where they are.

I don't remember if I had to start the conversation or if he did it when I reached the small side area with the desk, but you should be able to talk to him without requiring anything else once you've gotten the quest from the villagers.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
What's up with Thoronir, anyone remember him?
He's the merchant in the Imperial city that deals in stolen goods or something. I'm suppose to shadow the guy and find out what he does.
You'll have to shadow him until he meets with his contact in the back garden and then get close enough to listen in on their conversation. The game will put you in mini-cutscene mode where you can't move while they talk. You must take care to remain unseen though, if they spot you they will not talk about their shady business. If you don't have good enough sneak skill you can boost your chances to remain undetected using invisibility or chameleon spells/items.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
A few games of Baseball and some Forza Motorsports2 races, then I kicked my brother out of the house and went right back in to Cyrodiil and my beautiful black horse.
The evil Dark Brotherhood horse, or a normal black one?
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