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"Good. Good. You shall take the position by my side that your great grandmother once held" the Lord said and smiled widely before leading her inside. Walking off to Charna, he sat down next to her and took her hand. Before he could relax too much, Tepe's head of guards came over and whispered something in his ear.
"This day is getting better and better. Tell them they have full authority until tomorrow evening" he said and the guard nodded before leaving again. He looked at Charna and smiled, knowing he would owe an explanation for everything. He would explain later, but now the sun was starting to set over the skies of Naboo. A droid came into the room and started shooing the kids to bed. The nanny droid they had gotten for this house specifically so they could get some privacy when they were staying there. This time it was just for saving time.


A speeder stopped infront of a large mansion used by the leaders of the Sith Dominion since Kaoin built the place two years into his rule. Stone steps led to large metal doors that opened inwards on hinges, which was a rather archaic invention rarely used anymore. Out of the speeder jumped a young higher-ranking officer in the intelligence corps. After making sure his uniform was straight and the cap was on like it was supposed to, he rushed inside, the doors opening before he could get all the way up the stairs. As he got inside, a long corridor stretched in front of him, leading after two sets of massive, pompous stairs to the throne room of the Dark Lord. The officer began to run, as he was in a hurry as it was.

He didn't stop before he got to the door leading into the throne room itself. A pair of guards noticeable as Royal Guards only by the red and black stripes on their right shoulders opened the door for the intelligence officer who walked in slightly out of breath. The doors closed behind him as the man rushed forwards and knelt before the Dark Lord.

"My lord, we have gotten confirmation that the inner circle is threatening your life. Our spies were unable to extract any names of the members of the inner circle from the prisoner, but we did get confirmation of a conspiracy to take control of the Sith Dominion. My supervisors wished me to tell you that the best course of action they could think of is have decoys at public events and you yourself to head for safety on Bakura. We are undertaking surveillance upon all commanders in the military to know who might be most loyal to escort you, my lord"

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