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"Well, that's a relief." Kastul said as the door closed behind him. "There are times when spacing him looks very attractive."

He glanced at the door and rubbed his head. "Now that we've got him out of the way, we can start examining the problem underneath us. The good news is that Corellians are generally tough, so the Mandalorians either have a captive population that hates and fears them, or hates and shoots them, depending on whether resistance is strong enough to warrant a show of force."

"Hopefully, we'll have assistance from resistance forces. The problem is that Corellians are fiercely independent, we'll likely be seen as invaders by them just as much as the Mandalorians, especially since the Republic didn't help them a whole lot when the Mandalorians attacked. Anyone know how Republic Intelligence is doing getting us a contact with the Corellian Resistance?"
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