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Lyna glanced at Cade. Then turned her ahead down. "'s this Force called Force bond. Now I remember. My mom taught me that Force bond is a special kind of connection between two Force-sensitive people. When they're bonded, one pain can reflect on the other, and if one grows in strength, the other grows in strength as well."

She turned back to Cade. "I was worried that you might've gotten hurt. And... the reason why I was afraid was because..." Lyna shook her head, and tried to wipe the tears. "Was because I had a dream. I dreamt that you were a Sith, killing many Jedi. Inculding Ganner, Shado, and Wolf. Then you tried to persaude me on going to the dark side."

The thought of it kept frightening Lyna. "I refused, and... you killed me." She covered her eyes with her hand. "I can't forget those horrible eyes you had. They were yellow... and evil."
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