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"I am amused that you were to immediately align me with the jedi. I assure you, your assurance is worthless to me" he said and pointed the green blade at Asa. It would only require one good force push and the blade would stick out of the woman's back. But that would end all the fun Emukiel could have.

"You speak so freely of a higher purpose, yet you are nothing but an errand runner for the true leaders of this charade. Usually the most lowliest are the most extreme in their opinions. And this mongrel that's lying here. He's not worth my time" the weequay said before taking a step towards her.
"If you want to know of a true higher purpose, you should listen to me instead of your current bosses. The force is everything and everyone. When there is a higher purpose, it is the will of the force, not the will of some lowlife force-user like yourself. And for what I have felt in the force, it's will is not to make zombie sith to conquer the world for you. It will only end very badly for your part if you defy the laws of nature and the will of the force"

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