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ub3r big post down here ^^


Darth Aap: How the hell did they find ou-

An engineer rushes towards Darth Aap.

Engineer: SIR!! I don't know how but the Starforge activated itsself, even as it technically still isn't possible.

Darth Aap: It's the dark energy. Anyway this is great news. Start producing ships as fast as possible and counter the Rebels. They should be in range in about 14 minutes.


Darth Blaze: Ok students, this will be an opportunity to proof yourselves. All get inside a sith infiltrator and sneak into an enemy hangar. Fight your way to the bridge and destroy their stabilizers and engine controls. That will make them steerless and could cause them to crash into the other ships in the formations. I'll take on the main ship by myself, all of you form groups of 3 and report back to hear what ship you'll get.

Students: Yes master Blaze.

The cloacked fighter units went to the ships's hangar. Blaze rushed in at the main capital ships wich looked like a Home One but then slightly bigger and with some enhanced stuff. Blaze landed inside the hangar and got out with his sabers zooming but the hangar was abandoned.


He moved on but found nothing. Then as he entered the bridge he saw all the rebels who were supposed to steer the cruiser. They were all dead, but it wasn't like usual. They seemed alive, but lifeless at the same time. Blaze felt that this was the work of some kind of dark energy.

Intercom: Sir, all teams have landed but the hangars all seem abandoned... should we move on.

Blaze: This isn't good. No, retreat all teams, retreat.

Darth Aap through the force: Blaze!! The ship is going down!! GET OUT NOW!!!!

Darth Blaze force-runned to the hangar but his ship was all old and rusty. Like it had landed decades ago. Blaze didn't hesitate and rushed to the escape pods. He bashed some random coordinates and took off. Just seconds after he left the ship imploded.

Blaze: What the hell was that...

Aap: It is the work of a Sith Lord who was trained by Darth Nihilus. He was frozen in carbonite 4000 years ago but he somehow got revived. This is his work no doubt. You're lucky to be alive. I'm sending in the star destroyers.

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