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"We see eye to eye then... I thought Uie'Sha was the only one, I wish I could tell you, to ease your inquisitive mind... I serve the higher purpose, the Seren are only a stepping stone." she still didn't look at him, he was confident of a victory over her, a simple push indeed...

"I ask you to look past that which you see with your eyes and find the truth that lay beyond, not the stereotypical view of one who believes they know everything." the Jedi escapee had completely destroyed the interface panel, Asa expertly removed the external console and began to install a small APDA that she removed from her belt.

"Now I have been around long enough to see that one can never know everything, so you see that I am more than you believe. If I were as you say, then I would've drawn my weapon and died very quickly, but I did not so how are you to know how long I would last?" she drew back her thick hood, though her face was wrapped with a fine-cloth that masked her entire head, revealling only a thick dark-metallic wrap of hair that extended down past the fold of the cloak. She seemed quite peaceful, contently installing the device and rerouting power to the docking bay doors.
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