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Arlyn looked at the men around her as they argued amongst themselves who should be Dark Lord once the current one was overthrown. Arlyn thought seriously about coming forward to suggest her own name but doubted they would even consider her. She thought they still felt like they could not trust her. But this had an advantage, she could pledge loyalty to the one selected and then kill him at the right time. Only disadvantage was that she would have thrown over herself many enemies and without someone to pledge loyalty to her, she would be in a predicament. The best course of action was to just offer herself as candidate and hope for the best.

- "I will take the place, if you have no objection" - Arlyn finally spoke out in an emotionless tone. The men and women looked around the table to each other and then finally the one sitting in the middle stood up.

- "I know we have been compromised, the Dark Lord knows of our existence but does not know our names. Unless you give us reason to believe otherwise, I think you'll do good Lady Ivy...for now" - the man spoke and motioned with his hands to all present to stand up - "We will meet again soon for an update".

The members of the Inner Circle dispersed quickly and stealthy. Arlyn soon found herself back in the streets walking through the main halls of the entertainment district. All who passed by her frowned or lowered their heads as to not anger the woman. This amused Arlyn but she was getting sick of petty assassin jobs and bounty hunting. This Inner Circle opportunity may well be the chance she's been looking for.

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