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total newbie needing help

Hello everyone,
Today i bought Jedi Outcast. Ok, i'm a bit late, 6 years after the release, so what :P

I really want to get into online fighting. ill probably be owned for a long time but thats not a problem.
I could not find a total newbie tutorial on here. (if there is on im sorry for not looking well enough)

I would really appreciate all the help you can give me. What additional files do i need? which servers are best to play on. is it still being played online at all? how do i set up my game. Ive read around the net and see a lot of updates/patches, but am not sure which one to use.

So, here's a 38 yr old dutch guy in need of some help. I would love to sabrefight some jedi's after the kids have gone to bed.
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