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So when the Exile is giving orders or talking to Revan or part of the group she travelled with such as Bao-Dur, Atton, Mical etc. She'll let one of her lackies speak for her instead. With my Exile she liked the Disciple so when or if they each other that would be a little odd if the Exile was speaking to her lackey while the Exile would be right infront of him, if the Exile and my main character where in the same room I would want some words spoken between them instead of having a third party speak to me about what the Exile says while the Exile in the same room. Plus throughout the game and the dialogue options, I get the sense that the Exile is very outspoken so I don't think she would have a lackey speaking for her when in the past she herself has spoken her own opinion to others through her own mouth not through someone elses.
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