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I don't want it to be Revan or the exile. I want it to be someone new. I guess many thought that Revan would be the main character in TSL but instead "someone called" the exile showed up. That is what I want with K3; a new character that has done something legendary/is special.

Originally Posted by Sith_Reven
Well I want Revan back. I think Revan should be the sith'ari. Talking to Yuthura and her revealing the legend of the sith'ari made me assume where the story was going to go(the first time I played). Revan is not lightside or darkside. And the sith'ari is supposed to destroy the sith and remake them. This is just where I think the story should go. Exile should also be part of the party. Fully customizable of course.
In "Darth Bane: Path of Destruction" it was revealed that the sith'ari had not yet come. They thought that the Sith'ari would be Darth Bane. So that means that the whole time, between K1 and Path of Destruction, the sith were waitng for their 'ari. And that is why it is somewhat impossible that Revan would be the Sith'ari.

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