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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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((OCC- OK I know it has only happened a couple of times so far but can we please stop the one liners, No one likes them and they are easily avoided.))

Castov personal communicator began to beep so he quickly grabbed it and held it to his mouth. “Castov here.”

“Jesp, this is Admiral To’knel we need you down here ASAP.” The Admiral requested.

“Anything else?” CJ asked.

“Yes if you see Padawan Kiel can you bring her with you?” To’Knel replied.

“I’m on my way.” Jesp placed the communicator back in his belt and began to leave the room bowing to his fellow Jedi as he left the room. On his way he saw Lake standing with Frederick talking. “Sorry for the interruption General, but I need to take the Padawan. Lake please come with me.”
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