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"Touchy..." Asa chuckled, pulling her APDA free from the scorched remains of the security console. "Apparently this is going to be easier than I thought..." she muttered to herself, sensing the presence of the four revived Lords.
She replaced the hood over her masked head and proceeded back to the docking bay, back through the desolated remains of the blast doors she had 'opened' and seeing the hangar doors being pried back, the groaning metal working furiously against the rigorous servo mechanisms that held it in place now that the power was deactivated.

Everything had gone to plan, the Jedi were engaged with the arrogant Sith Orpheus and that old Weequay believed her to be a mere puppet as with her Seren masters. Perfect she smiled to herself silently as she boarded the ship preparing for departure, hardly acknowledging the four Seren-Sith that followed behind her.
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