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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Nance, what he said was that he hated people of blind faith who used their religion instead of logic to determine what their nation's politics and education system should be like - such as when certain fundies try to override the fight against global warming simply because it goes against their religion. You have to agree with him that thinking with your Bible instead of your head this way is not a good thing.
With the utmost respect to religion we see this sort of thing happen all the time, and it is wrong. I do believe that people who carry out acts such as abortion clinic bombings or terrorist attacks are not religious, certainly they do not follow their religion. But they do claim to do this because of their religious beliefs. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's about religion, because it's not. It's about power, and people using religion in order to gain that power, whether it be activism against abortion or forcing Western interests out of the Middle East. However to make such comments on religion and the intelligence of those who choose to follow religion goes too far the other way and is something that I see to be an intolerance to religion. Now I could say that people who condemn others for their beliefs are fanantics and that would be a fair and correct description of their behavior. However people labelled as such don't seem to like being termed this way very much so quite simply they cannot have it both ways. They cannot expect to make comments like this and expect no return.

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