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I woke up as sunlight hit my eyes. My head was pounding like crazy and every part of my body ached. The goons had cracked my head open real good. The last thing I could remember was the owner picking me up from the hair and smashing his knee to my genitals. When I got my eyes finally open, I knew immediately where I was. The stench was horrible and the gulls were already trying to eat my ankle. The rednecks had dumped me in the local dump fifteen miles from the city's edge. Rolling over and raising myself up was a feat in itself and the blood I coughed up didn't assure me of my wellbeing either. I was a mess. At least the goons had left my pockets alone while dumping me and I even had my pistol right next to me, even if they had emptied it.

Finally I managed to stand up and looked around more closely. Wobbling slightly, I picked up my fedora, dumped the trash out of it and put it on my head. When I emerged from the middle of the trash piles, I saw nobody around. The only car around was an old truck that had it's engine removed. So it seemed the only thing I had to get me around were my feet. Only partially keeping my balance, I walked to the gate of the dump and started climbing over it. The lock couldn't be smashed with anything the dump had inside it and my revolver was empty. After reaching the top of the gate, I swung myself over, only to find myself to have a screwed up depth perception, swinging myself over too harshly and falling down several feet and right onto hard rubble. A gasp left my mouth as air forced itself out of my lungs and the sharp pain caused by the rocks beneath me smashing through my trench coat came up to my brains.

This was not good...

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