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“The admiral just requested our presence.” Castov replied. “I think you impressed him with your little explosion today.”

Castov and Lake walked into the Admiral’s office on the command deck within the Pride of the Core, he was currently sitting at his desk reading some files. Looking to his right he saw the Twi’lek girl he saved sitting at a small table covered in data-pads and papers. Both the occupants were to busy doing whatever they were doing to notice Jedi enter, CJ coughed to announce himself and the Padawan causing them both to look up.

“Good, you two are here.” The admiral welcomed looking up from the data-pad.

“Castov, Lake, I never said thank you for saving my life.” Geonar said standing up and walking over to her saviour she held out her hand and shook Castov’s. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” CJ replied. “All in a Jedi’s workday.”
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