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"Not exactly." Geonar replied.

"I have to admit i lied to you Castov." The admiral interupted. "but i couldn't be sure if the Mandalorians had hacked our comm channels."

"I didn't think she was a diplomats daughter." Jesp replied.

"No i'm not." She replied

"Geonar is in fact a child prodigy." To'knel explained. "She has been working with the Republic research and development teams to create the Razor."

"Razor?" Castov asked.

"It's an advance surface to orbit weapon capable of disintegrating most metallic objects." Geonar informed.

"Like space ships?" Castov suggested.

"Precisely." Geonar agreed.

“Sounds like quite the weapon to have.” Castov voiced his opinion.

“Yes.” The admiral replied. “Unfotunetly the Mandalorians have captured it and taken control.”
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