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Imperial: Yes darth Aap we will move our stardestroyers into position where would you like us to put them?

Darth Aap: Put them as far away as the ships are possiblem from the abandoned non-shooting ships understood

Imperial: Yes sir

(the ships go to there destination)

Imperial: Hmm... I wonder why those ships are abandoned... Send in a squardron to the ships

Stormpilot Commander: Yes sir

Stormpilot commander: Ok pilots of squadron 463 go to the abandoned ships

Stormpilot: Yes sir!

(they leave to go investigate and they land in the hangar as a few stayed with the ships and the others left to investigate)

Stormpilot on comm to the commander: They seems to be all dead not a single life form sighted... I am headed to the hangar... (he noteses the dead body of ackbar) Ackbar is dead here on the floor not moving but he's life sample says he should still be here moving and all the stabalizers are moving proply cause someone of had to disable them if they were invading... Hmm... Confusing l will investigate the prison chamber... There is a living down here a dark jedi it seems to be he looks like a sith lord since l was a historian of the sith order l think he is marka ragnos that was captured by freedom people when he was ruleing but he seems to be ok and not old or anything still living... Confusing l think l should leave the room since he is meditating cause it is not polite to interupt a jedi's meditation... Ok heading to the hangar to report to you...
What where are the other pilots wait there on the floor they seem to still be alive l think l should get out here lets go troops. (they amazingly enough had the tise to just work and they were elite so they had a small storage space and put there fellow troopers inthere) ok heading back... (they landed in the hangar and reported to the imeprial controlling that star destroyer.

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