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Darth Aap to Imperial General: I've done some research. This Dark Lord we're facing isn't like the ones we know. He has been trained by Darth Nihilus and because of that, he too will need to feed on other life to stay alive. He is controlling the ships by using some sort of very advanced battle meditation. Listen whatever you do, do not enter these ships. The dark energy that rules there can easily corrupt the minds of stormtroopers. Only the ones trained to resist it, or higly force sensitive, can resist there. Beside that, the dark energy's will make your ship old and rusty in several minutes. This Dark Lord has no allies and everyone is a prey to him. Make no mistake in this, he isn't with us. If you somehow manage to locate him, don't move in but tell me. Only me or blaze will have a chance.


Darth Blaze's escape pod crasht on a planet not yet discovered. Blaze got out of the pod and the planet looked like Naboo, only with a bit more trees. The planet was inhabated by some sort of Krayt Dragons only ten times the size of the one revan met on tatooine.

Blaze: This isn't good. I doubt if i can find a decent ship somewere here.
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