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"Eh... white, platinum, whatever..." Reibe said, waving a hand dismissively. "At any rate, you do look remarkably odd so... stiff and high-society type..." She frowned, cocking her head to one side as she looked him from head to foot. With a grin and a shrug, she said, "No matter," and gave him a hug.

"You're still you up here," she said standing on her toes to tap his forehead. "That's what counts."

At that moment, Tepe entered the room and Aislin followed. She stood off to the side for a moment before taking notice of Reibe and the Sith Hunters. Reibe waved her over.

"Good to see you again, Kid," she told the young woman. "And glad to see you've reconnected with family."

"It's weird," Aislin said slowly. "I didn't think I wanted to reconnect with family on any level."

"And now you've agreed to let your great-grandfather train you," Reibe concluded. Aislin looked a little uncomfortable with a possible touch of guilt.

"Yeah," she answered. "Do you mind?"

Reibe laughed. "Aislin, I stopped wanting to complete your training when you stopped wanting me to. Your departure from me was no surprise, I assure you. And now that you want training again, I think it's going to be good for you to get it from Tepe. Now you ought to go get some rest."

Aislin nodded and left to find a room and Reibe turned to the other Hunters to find them staring at her.

"You trained her?" Jahara asked, more than a little surprised.

"I did," Reibe answered. "And of those who never went through the torture of the machine that made us what we are, she is the most Force sensitive being I've seen in my family since..." She frowned thoughtfully and jabbed a finger at Strider's chest. "Strider, did I ever introduce you to Jana? Would have been a while ago... 'round the time Palpatine's Empire was beginning to suffer at the hands of the Rebellion."

As an afterthought, she added, "And I know you met Tay..."

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