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Work in Progress: GF-inspired city

I'm new to this forum, so first of all; Hey!

I found my old Grim Fandango-discs the other day, and remembered how great that game was. I tried to get the game to work again, but unfortunately it wouldn't... Anyway, it really inspired me to model a 3D-city Grim Fandango style, and here is the beginning of my work. I am now continuing with building more houses, and then I'll start to add textures and set up some lights, then render it properly. If I'm still inspired, in the end I'll possibly even model a few skeletons (including Manny maybe?) and create an animation. Could be fun. Anyways, here's the start. And I would love to hear what you people think so far. What could be better? What do I need more of?


(And by the way guys: I'm really impressed there is still a relatively popular Grim Fandango community around, almost 10 years after the game was released. Says alot about the quality of that product!)
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