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Lake raised an eyebrow. She knew the information she had retrieved had had to do something with troop deployments, but she hadn't been aware that it had encompassed enough information to actually take back the entire planet!

"So, Admiral, this briefing you're giving... you're going to assign people for missions on the surface?" She glanced at Castov and Geonar. "I don't know if you've already assigned people or if you're looking for volunteers, but I'd appreciate it you put my name down for recovering the Razor project."

"That will all be covered at the briefing," said the Admiral, although Lake could sense that that Zabrak was pleased by her enthusiasm.

Lake looked at Castov. "Should I assemble the others for the briefing then?" she asked. "Or will you and the Admiral need more time to prepare for it?"

"So anxious to get started?" the Admiral asked. "I would have thought that you could do with a few more hours of rest time."

"I don't know about the others, but I'll rest after the Mandalorians have been expelled from Corellia," Lake said determinedly.

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