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Darth Aap: You were lucky you didn't encounter him. They would have suffered a fate that is worse than death. Anyway I'm moving in. Too bad blaze won't be with me.

Darth Aap boarded the ship and moved on to the Sithlord.

Sith Lord: *Sith Hissing*

Darth Aap: You're prethatic. I've discovered Korriban's secrets and now its dark energy is with me. You are no match for me.

They drew their blades and started fighting.


Darth Blaze sneaked his way over the surface of the planet. He let his feelings guide him to wherever the force intended to bring him. He arrived at what looked like an encampment that was occupied by Rakatan's

Blaze Thoughts: Rakatans? Didn't they only live at Rattattak?

Blaze moved inside the camp as he senced no agression in the camp. When he walked inside a few Rakatan's ran towards him.

Rakatans: It's the one we were told about!!

Blaze: What are you talking about

Rakatans: It was told to us that today, an offworlder with connections to the holy energy would arrive.

Blaze: This planet is beginning to annoy me


By the way. I passed my exams
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