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Originally Posted by SilentScope001
To preceive, you must be aware of your surrondings.
No, you mustn't. You just need brain functionality. Even fully anesthetized our brain is working and responding to external stimuli. This is why dreams sometimes incorporate things that are going on around us, and why we wake up if someone yells our name.

The ONLY time we lose our ability to perceive completely is a complete loss of brain functionality. Of course at this point you're just arguing semantics with me. The crux of the argument was that neurological activity is a definitive cutoff that wasn't illogical.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
How about stem cells, ect from death row convicts or something, harvesting what's needed from criminals put to death if that's possible?
I think the problem would be finding enough blastocysts that are on death row. There aren't really problems harvesting adult stem cells, the debate is over embryonic stem cells.

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