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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
If there is neurological activity going on, then there is some manner of perception taking place. That's all I said.
Actually, that's not accurate. We have afferent and efferent pathways, along with reflex pathways in the neurological system. You certainly can have neurological activity without any perception whatsoever. A number of reflex pathways go through the spinal cord and never go to the brain. You can (and do) have all sorts of signals going out from brain to the body without any perception whatsoever coming into the brain.

How would you measure perception in an embryo, anyway? It's hard enough measuring it in people outside the womb.

Originally Posted by Windu Chi
But I doubt alot people here will diagree with that, since they harvest organs from death row convicts,
They can't harvest convicts' organs (at least in the US)--the methods used to put them to death either electrocute or poison the organs, rendering them unusable.

On embryonic stem cells in general--if we can get more stem cells from umbilical cord blood and I just read recently from amniotic fluid, why are we even bothering killing embryos? It's a lot easier to get the embryonic stem cells from these other sources, and there are as many easily, if not more, stem cells there than in an embryo.

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