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Lake nodded, then bowed respectively to the Admiral, Castov and Geonar. "I'll see you in the main briefing room," she said to Castov.

Lake left them and went down the corridor at a hurried walk, heading for the Jedi Room. She knew that most of the Jedi on board were still there, but she knew that Masters Mejia and Sapien were elsewhere. She took out her comlink and set the call frequency to their individual comlinks.

"Master Sapien? Master Mejia? The Admiral is ready for us. Please proceed to the main briefing room."

It was a short lift ride down to the Jedi Room. She could have contacted the other Jedi on her comlink too, but she thought it better to tell them in person. Entering the room, she stood in the doorway for a moment. Things had obviously calmed down--the Force felt more balanced in the room now.

"The Admiral is ready for us in the main briefing room now," she announced to them. "And it looks like we've got a big job ahead of us."

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