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Originally Posted by tk102
I use FindRefs more often than KotOR Tool if I know the filename actually.
Oh yeah, i tend to use that for module reskinning as you can extract both the MDL and MDX files together for that module at once.
Thats an idea for KotOR Tool, does anyone know what has actually happened to Fred?

And seen as i shouldn't really post on here with out giving a suggestion..
maybe you could make KGFF generate a .ini file containing the path for the K1 and K2 dialog.tlk file (or it could remember them the way it does with the MRU list), so that when you go into the TOOLS menu, instead of "Use TLK file for StringRefs" you could have a branch that says "Use TLK File >" and then have the option for KotOR 1 and KotOR 2. And a "Use other TLK file" for those who want to use their own.
Thanks again

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