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Wake Forest article on amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.

Scientific American had a nice article, as did National Geographic. There are lots of articles on it but these seem to have more of the science than the news media puts into theirs.

Here's a National Geographic article on harvesting embryonic stem cells without killing the embryo.

For source purists: National Geographic and Scientific American are decent secondary sources that typically do a good job of synthesizing and quoting the primary sources and probably work better for the non-science folks here than the primary sources. Feel free to check out the original sources quoted by these.

@Windu Chi--introducing something that can alter electrical/chemical signals around a developing embryo/fetus could have some bad effects. There's so much development that's going on as a result of specific biochemical/electrical signals at very specific times that we just don't want to mess with in an embryo. If you alter just 1 cell at a very precise point in an embryo's development, you end up with major defects like missing limbs or organs.

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