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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL

That's a pretty bad example there is a significant difference between executing a murderer and killing an infant, fetus, or embryo. A murderer killed another human being, the infant, fetus, or embryo did not do such a thing.
What in the hell is you talking about, why are assuming I'm okaying bady killing, I said, I was against the damn abortion thing, concerning fetus.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
@Windu Chi--introducing something that can alter electrical/chemical signals around a developing embryo/fetus could have some bad effects. There's so much development that's going on as a result of specific biochemical/electrical signals at very specific times that we just don't want to mess with in an embryo. If you alter just 1 cell at a very precise point in an embryo's development, you end up with major defects like missing limbs or organs.
Yes, there is always difficulties, Jae, but there is always away.

I was talking about a nano circuit that the embryo will act like a resistive circuit element, that if there is some neurological signal spectrum, that will register with some help of a computer analog to digital signal converter, as neurological activity.
Of course the embryo's electrical resistance, will have be low enough to alow current to past in whatever the embryo's physical threshold tolerances to voltage levels and current levels, are.
Don't won't too high resistance, or it will heat the embryo up and cook it.
PH=I^2 Reb where PH is the heat dump into the embryo, I is the applied electrical current; and Reb is the embryo's resistance to electrical current.

The calculations I did with my Mathcad 11 software:
if: the applied electrical current I=0.20Amp and the the embryo's resistance to electrical current Reb=0.0005ohm or 50 milliohms
the heat dump into the embryo PH=2e-5W or 200 milliwatts.
That might be to high!
So, I will need to know also the specific heat, thermal conductivity and of course it's physical mechanical structure properties, like it's threshold tolerances to pressure and stress.

But I will ponder on how this can be done, Jae

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