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Originally Posted by Windu Chi
I was talking about a nano circuit that the embryo will act like a resistive circuit element, that if there is some neurological signal spectrum, that will register with some help of a computer analog to digital signal converter, as neurological activity.
Of course the embryo's electrical resistance, will have be low enough to alow current to past in whatever the embryo's physical threshold tolerances to voltage levels and current levels, are.
Don't won't too high resistance, or it will heat the embryo up and cook it.
You'd also mess with the embryo's cell electrophysiology--the resting potential of a cell is around -60mV and can go to +40mV when it's firing/active. If you cause a cell to fire, it might send an inappropriate nerve or cardiac signal (for instance), or make a chemical at the wrong time (or too much or not enough at the right time), any of which would be detrimental to the baby. You don't want to mess with the electrical/biochemical actions in an embryo--if you make a mistake in just one cell in an embryo, it can end up causing major defects later, as I noted above.
Originally Posted by Windu Chi
I think souls may be compose of pure energy of EM waves
*Jae suddenly hears the song "What's on your mind (pure energy)" going through her head....*

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