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Well, I tried the clone commander and had varying degrees of unsuccess (ok, failure). Clearly, he can take down a Jedi Master if he is in medium range and you can get his gun to start to fire quick enough. BUT, it takes a while to knock him down and during that time he has to be fairly still (he moves slowly to start with carrying that massive gun)--this inevitably leads to getting hit by other jedi.

I tried to snipe from a longer range out (deathclone's "safe distance), but it was hard to keep the gun on target because even small movements by the master cause a large part of the bullet stream to miss (i.e., you gotta put most of the bullet stream on the Master to take him down).

The best I could do was 2 or 3 clone commanders...which defeated my concept of "One".

I tried DarthDavis92's suggestion and he does NOT seem to block rockets. But it still takes two rockets to take each Master down and the reload time is so S--L--O--W that many of the jedi minions easily key in on me and I'm pretty helpless. I tried it a few times and at best was able to to take down 1 and a half of the Masters before getting routed as a Heavy Trooper.

Again, this is trying to make it through the campaign with one life. No "Legendary" status, no heroes; just a grunt earning whatever he gets on the way.

Anyone else have any luck or suggestions?

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