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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
That's polarization/depolarization/repolarization.
Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
about -40 mV is the point where the cell is triggered to depolarize completely to the +40 point and then repolarize back to its resting state.
40 millivolts depolarize/repolarize!
Then this value will be a threshold trigger level.
I assume the potential voltage tolerance can't be much higher( like in a range factor of 10 or so or 400mV) then this value depending on potassium (K)/sodium ion concentrations or to much potassium (K)/sodium ion concentrations will diffuse across, and cause imbalance of charge across the cell membrane or a inappropriate signal.

Or, the mass of the ion flow might put to much stress and pressure on the cell membrane, and destroy it's structure, but of course this is just a guess, so I will have to calculate that by using dimensional analysis and the other information from the many 100's pdf files on physics and biology on my computer; the internet etcetera, Jae.

Also I found some good information here~Membrane potential and here~ Length constant, if it is accurate of course, wikipedia.
And here~The Action Potential.
I will study this data!

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