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Compiling in Linux

I've been trying to compile my server mod in Linux, I patch it and then run make and it creates a (with a lot of warnings in the process of doing that). I put this in my base folder and started up a server and go in to the game. Now the problem is that in the game I can't see any players, objects or movers until I'm standing close enough to touch them with a saber at the very least. I've checked that the original .so worked fine and did not cause this problem. I've also compiled the "universal SDK" which was already patched and get the same (or at least most of the same, too many to count) warnings and when the server is started up it does indeed have the same problem. So the problem I assume must be in making the .so but I can't figure out what's wrong, all of the warnings are about implicit declaration of memset/memcpy/strcpy and things like that and I'm not sure if that's what's causing the problem.

I'd really appreciate it if someone was able to help me out with this one.
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