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Originally Posted by KyleLippman
Okay, so I'm where i think is close to the end of year 3, right after freeing Meche from the room where Domino's imprisoned her, and I need to get to Glottis. But whenever I climb down the chain after the escalator to get to the boat, Manny just walks back and climbs up the chain again!!! Is there a patch I can download or a button I can push to fix this?

I had the same problem, but I had it before I saved Meche. To solve it, I did like this:

Just try to get down to the switch to the belt. If you cant go down, try to Lower/Raise the chain from the belt. As soon as you're down, make the belt go downwards. Now, run up to the crane, and lower the chain. Run down, and turn the switch 2 times to raise the boat and a cutscene will appear.

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