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Star Wars:The Imperial knights

Star Wars: The Imperial knights

Imperial Knights:
Shan Viala- Lord Spitfire
Herrith Clouwynn- Marauder's Fury
Frederick Hernán- The Padawan
Arvil Naskin-Anakin34
Crowlis Zionosis- Master Zionosis

If you wish to join here is our back stage call >>

130 ABY. The Galactic Empire is in war against the New Sith Order, they are in control of Coruscant and a great number of Stormtroopers. The Emperor, Roan Fel has sent us in numerous missions, We Imperial Knights are loyal to the emperor and we will fight and die for him.
The sith's have prepare to attack Ord Mantell and have mobilize stardestroyers under way to Ord Mantell, Imperial Knights Frederick Hernán and Herrith Clouwynn have been send to protect The Jubilee Wheel , a space station in Ord Mandell wile Imperial Knight Shan Viala has been place in charge of an army with Moff Atarken to protect the planet.

Imperial Knight's Frederick Hernán and Herrith Clouwynn are arriving to the station with they’re Predator-class fighters.

"Here Imperial knight Frederick Hernán and Herrith Clouwynn awaiting the stations permit"- I said

"Permission granted, welcome general Hernán and general Clouwynn"- A station operator responded

"Thank you"- I said

As we entered the station, we where been awaited by the Captain in charge of the station captain Hekil Blen.

"Generals welcome aboard The Jubilee Wheel station, please fallow me to the council chamber"-Hekil Blen said

We then fallowed him to the chamber where we will discus the plans for the defense of the planet and the station

"We have in these station 70 Predator-class fighters general, ready for combat and well trained plus 30 men inside the station for protection"-Hekil Blen said

“Good, you and I can take charge of the internal defenses while Herrith can take charge of the Predator-class fighters, what do you think Herrith?" - I said

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."

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