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Thanks for the reply ensiform, and it does seem very possible that stack smashing protection could be the problem as you specifically mentioned Debian which is what I'm using and I installed gcc-4.1 off the installation DVD. However I wasn't able to fix the problem by adding -fno-stack-protector to the CFLAGS part of the makefile (I assume that's where it goes, I haven't used Linux that extensively). But there's no way I can tell if that is actually disabling SSP as far as I can tell because it seems to accept anything I put in that section without telling me it doesn't exist (I tried a few things which I would expect would not exist).

I suppose I could try installing an older version of gcc if you think that might fix the problem, but it'd be nice to find a simple fix to it.. there's a high chance I've just not added the flag correctly.
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