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Post Ithor!!!!!

What about a new expansion that allows you to land in the floating herd ships of Ithor? You could help the Empire in their little Ithor massacres or protect the Ithorian way and slaughter the group of hired mercenaries while they, being the pacifists they are, run to warn others? If you help the Ithorians, they will grant you access to the ground and give you quests, like protecting Herd Ships in orbit, gathering plants, killing an animal and bringing two blood samples back, protect the sacred bafoor trees from the empire, etc. If you help the Empire, they grant you access to the ground and give you quests like destroying herd ships, stealing valuable cargo by disabling them, killing baffor trees, and taking over a village by wiping the children and adults out........ all of them. There would also be a new mount: Ithorian Reek!!!!!

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