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((OOC: Ok, I'm assuming that either (1) no characters have anything else to say in the Jedi Room as far as getting to know each other, or (2) no one wants to post. I'm hoping it's my first assumption....))

Lake grinned at Lux. "'Lead on padawan?' That sounds so... odd when you say it like that. Like I'm leading you through a mine field or something." She shook of the dark foreboding sensation she was feeling. Perhaps Master Mejia's dreams of doom were rubbing off on her.

"Well, follow me then," Lake said to Lux, and the rest of the Jedi in the room. "The Admiral's briefing is in te..." She looked at her chrono. "I mean, seven minutes. And he's got some pretty interesting things to say."

She turned and began to lead the way down the corridor to the lift.

"So, did you have a nice training session, Master Mejia?" she asked Frederick conversationally.

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