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"Open a hologram to contact Admiral Yen Gir from "The Blocker" and Admiral Rel Onad from "The Shadow Cloud""- I said to a officer of the station.

"Yes sir"-He responded as he opened the link for the communication.

"Admiral Onad and Admiral Gir this is Imperial Knight Frederick Hernán informing that we are ready for battle"- I informed the Admirals

"Good, my soldiers are ready and so dose "The Shadow Cloud""-Admiral Onad responded

"We are ready too"-Admiral Gir notified

"Then we will await , monitors indicate that the Sith's will arrive at Ord Mantell in 1 and a half hour , Imperial Knight Herrith Clouwynn have been placed in charge of the outer station defense with Predator-class fighters"-I reported

"My Predator-class fighter squadron is been commanded by Captain Jurrel Kip"- Admiral Gir said

“My squadron in been commanded by Captain Jon Crux , great pilot, my squadron will join Herrith's squadron in case the station needs extra protection"-Admiral Onad informed

"Great, let’s prepare, I will contact Impearial Knight Shan Viala in Ord Mantell, who is in charge of the defenses in the planet"-I said

"Good, we will do our best"-Admiral Gir said as his hologram shuted down

"So do I"-Admiral Onad said as his hologram shuted down too

"Officer, Inform Imperial Knight Herrith Clouwynn about the extra help of "The Shadow Cloud" squadron"-I commanded

I will contact Shan later; let’s see the complete defenses of this station.

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