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Originally Posted by Captain Sparrow
Seeing a person from the thought-to-be-extinct Sith species walking around the street would be a little obvious.
It might be obvious on a Republic world. However, if most of the game takes place in the Unknown Regions, within the boundaries of the True Sith Empire(assuming these True Sith are indeed the Sith Species), a bunch of Humans, Wookiees, and Twi'leks walking around the street might suddenly seem a little obvious.

If the next game is indeed going to feature a war against the True Sith menace, it'd either have to have a large amount of wholesale slaughter(which would get boring and repetitive in an RPG), or a prodigious amount of sneaking about, pretending to be someone else, in order to avoid attracting attention to yourself. Of course, some Sith might eventually come to suspect something if your ENTIRE PARTY goes around masked and robed, so naturally the party would need something to prevent that situation from coming about-- like a member of the sith species to act as a figurehead leader, at least in public. Naturally that character doesn't HAVE to be the main character, but I think it'd be an interresting change to be considered a "traitor" from an "evil species."

just a thought.

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