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Human Replica Droid

I would personally choose a female All-Species Replica Droid that is disguised as a caucasian Twil'lek. I would then slap some concealed weaponry in it.
  • Clone/Synthskin - Makes the android look human, or alien depending on the setting. Same synthskin that was used in Project Decoy and the Galactic Civil War on the Human Replica Droids. However with appropriate raw materials, pigments could be modified at a notice.. Thus forming a camouflage device that allows the shifting of color and markings. Appears as regular skin when scanned.
    []Synthhair - For when the droid needs to appear as different race such as a Wookie. In order to generate hair, there needs to be a source of protein.
  • Improved Linguistic Capabilities.
  • Dorthy Wires - nano wires that can connect between the heels of hands or feet. A simple click of the heels or a slamming of the wrists and *sheen* a wire connects between them. The wire is so thin it can cut through some strong alloys and slip through shields. These would not be in the body itself but instead concealed within the armbands and shoes.
  • Removable lekku. Used as lekku in order to disguise droid as twil'lek. There is also a photoreceptor at concealed in each lek. They can also be completely removed.
  • Fizz - Yes the infamous Fizz. The same nanobots used in the Utegetu Nebula to attack anything that harmed the environment in the Nebula. My droid instead of leaving the nanobots with their own hivemind, controls them with her mind. She uses it to collect raw materials for disguises and for She also uses it to collect the microorganisms needed to preserve her life energy.
  • Heavily Modified VerboBrain processor. Positronic Human behavioral programs. No creativity damper! Lots of self awareness! Self-governed! (I try and give sentience to everything.)
  • Dynamic skin modification program. Used to simulate scarring, aging, tanning, etc.
  • Thermal Compensator - used to make the body seem as warm or as cold as needed.
  • Internal Storage - Holds 6 kilograms of stuff.
  • Advanced Optic Receptors - infrared, low-light and telescopic vision. Locked-access memory recording.
  • Biofiber body. Replicates most functions of the human (or alien body). This includes, but is not limited to: digestion, circulation, respiration, nervous, and to some extent reproduction.
  • Midoclorians - I would transfer the midoclorians from my original body into the artificial body. It has been shown that cyborgs could use the force to some extent.

Yes! I created a awesome Light Side Droid disguised a Twil'lek. Perfect to be my bodyguard. Actually...I would be the droid hiring myself as a bodyguard/mercenary. My soul would be enteched into the body.

I am the second person in this topic mentioning a HRD. Earlier someone mentioned Guri. Being as my droid was created after her, she would be a ARD created by Onadax Droid Technologies. Of course it would have been completely under the table. No records at all.

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