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Originally Posted by SithRevan
Well it's probably a safe bet to say lucasfiles, kotor2files, and TUCE are the places that you will want to host them. Jumpstation is more of a linking site from what I have seen, it only hosts chainz's mods but is a good place to put a link to your own personal site. Which reminds me personal sites are also probably one of the best ideas.
Indeed, and QFE on all parts

While my site is 'mainly' for my mods (I host some other modder's mods as well.. just not publicly linked on my site).. I will gladly post links to other modders' personal websites. All you have to do is let me know via PM/email

You can find a large list of Free Web Hosting sites here.

Originally Posted by REDJOHNNYMIKE
It'd be nice to add a list of alternative links right after the whole "We do not speak of pcgamemods!" thing.
Perhaps so.. until then, we have this modders' site list in Holowan (posted in the first post). Though now that we have this Sticky, it might be more appropriate to list/mirror them here. Holowan, unfortunately, tends to "scare off" the mod-users-but-not-mod-makers crowd ... hehehe (we don't bite... much... )

Good point RJM, methinks this point will have to be raised with the other Mods to see if they agree

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