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I think it should just be accepted that Star Wars is your basic fantasy universe of Good Vs. Evil. I justify my fic version of the Force as relative because it is a universe I have created that is similar to Star Wars, but holds many real life elements and thus is no longer Star Wars. EU has many very questionable things that are placed there by authors incorporating real life elements into Star Wars, thus they ruin the Good and Evil story the films tried to create.

And if you look into it, even if you believe the EU 100% Emerald Lightning and Force Lighting are two different things altogether. Emerald causes pain but does not harm flesh, Force Lightning is a projection of hate and pain that causes pain and mutilates the body. Calling the two the same is silly. True, it can be argued that Force Lightning could be used to help someone, but as Prime has stated: Force Lightning is not actual electricity and even if it is it is still created by the cruelty and hatred of the darkside.

I agree with a lot of what you are all saying. I'm personally using Force Lightning in my fic to save someone by restarting their heart, but as I will say again I have created my own Star Wars universe to play around in. Prime so far is one of the few that has held completely true to the films and what message and story they put across. Star Wars is a fantasy universe of Good Vs. Evil and only the EU has room to argue and the best example of EU not agreeing with that would have to be the two Kotor games.

If I wasn't so tired right now I would make a better example than the one i am about to use...

I don't know if any of you know about this old anime, but it is called Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon uses love and heart to banish the evil demons sent to take souls from earth using cruelty and evil. So, lets apply relativety to this. Sailor Moon can now control powers of the underworld because it is still magic and she is using it for the "right reason."
It makes no sense to have someone as kind and loving as Sailor Moon control the evil demons and powers of the underworld to destroy the forces of evil. The story states she uses love and kindness of heart to power her magic, so what right do editors and such really have to give her the powers of the underworld.

That was a terrible example, but I think you get my point :P
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