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Herrith was surprised that the entire fleet was operating as one single squadron. There were no high-ranking officials.

"Now I understand why they say 'crazy Ord Mantell farmers'," Herrith murmured. "That is not the way to wage war. Got to make some organizing around here."

Herrith gathered the pilots. Most of them were too young, and others were old. Their courage was obvious, but so was their inexperience. "Sigh... those boys look real green. It will sadden me to see them blown up one by one."

"I will need two veterans. We will divide the fleet into three squadrons and I will lead one myself, while my two lieutenants will lead the others. I have no time to check your records, so you better be careful when picking."

Two young men stood forth.

"Lt. Geerte, at your service. I've been serving as a lieutenant for two standard years in the squadron."

"Lt. Vaeral, at your service, commander. Been serving as a lieutenant for three standard years."

"Geerte and Vaeral, then. The enemy will be at bay soon. We do not have much time. Let us go over the plan and get ready for the battle."


"Vaeral, you will command the left wing and engage the enemy aggressively. Geerte, you will lead the right wing and assume defensive position. We will proceed as--Clouwynn here. Understood. Tell Crux to get ready for a possible charge. In case these freshmen get scattered, I will need experienced pilots to answer my rally call so the others can figure out where to position."

Herrith proceeded with the brief. He could easily sense the dark aura now. The enemy was approaching.

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