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Originally Posted by Masgrtgr
I seriously doubt the True Sith are as powerful as people make them out to be since quite frankly If they were then why didn't they attack during the time when the Republic started to fall apart after K1?

Then again it's obvious Obsidian didn't think this through since the True Sith are probably nothing more than a plot device.
According to Kreia, the True Sith had forgotten about Korriban and Malachor V, for a time. However, she claims they will soon remember.

And how do the true sith(as a concept) really even factor into the plot of TSL? They aren't even mentioned until you question Kreia right before the closing cutscene.

Also, I just played through the endgame of TSL a few minutes ago and a line struck me, something like: "Revan will need warriors, Jedi and Sith..." Almost gives hope to my "Redeemed True Sith Apprentice" idea for a K3 main character. Almost.

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